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Sensors/Switches ..

I have purchased sensors, switches and other items to test with the Arduino. I have also aquired some large company photo eyes, door loack and other accessories to play with.

Arduino with a servo and two buttons
By: Steve Kerscher | Added: 8 April 2016 | Updated: 7 April 2016
| Rating: 5 | Pageviews: 4972
I had a request to take a servo and attach it to the Arduino. Watch the video, I know the text is hard to read in the video. Please see full code below. I added some extra things to make sure the servo can't be pushed to go beyond the limit because the servo I am using can only go 180. Some servos can go 360 degrees. I also added some code check if someone is pushing both buttons at once.
Arduino joystick connection
By: Steve Kerscher | Added: 5 April 2016 | Updated: 5 April 2016
| Rating: 0 | Pageviews: 979
In this session I take a basic joystick and hook it to my arduino. This is simple but fun and I feel I could come up with some neat projects as I go along.
Parts Needed

IR receiver to LCD screen
By: Steve Kerscher | Added: 8 March 2016 | Updated: 20 March 2016
| Rating: 0 | Pageviews: 555
I have taken a IR receiver and pushed the results to a LCD screen. I also show unknown buttons from a different remote on the serial monitor. This will come in handy as I get deeper into larger projects and want a remote to control them.
Parts Needed
The case statement ...
Heartbeat Sensor
By: Steve Kerscher | Added: 28 February 2016 | Updated: 8 March 2016
| Rating: 0 | Pageviews: 1755
Arduino Compatible Finger Heartbeat Detection Sensor Module use's Infrared LED and Optical Transistor's to detect pulsation in fingers.
Parts Needed
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