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Welcome to my site. My Name is Steve Kerscher. My hobby is playing around with electronics and other items. I have had to search for alot of things and had trouble finding information on doing what I wanted to build. I decided I would start recording what I build. I may not always do things the best way but in the end will make it happen.
The starting plan is to start with just sensors, screens and other items like that. Then I want to move on to more combinations of things. Larger amounts of code and fun. You can always leave a comment if you have something you are trying to build and I will see if I can build it also.
I will be doing projects with Arduino, Raspberry PI, Irobot create, and IOT with Azure

Arduino Bluetooth connection with a Bluesmirf Gold
By: Steve Kerscher | Added: 4 April 2016 | Updated: 4 April 2016
| Rating: 0 | Pageviews: 1901
I take a Bluesmirf BlueTooth chip and connect it to my Arduino. Over all this is a very easy setup. Now it sounds like the two pins that are not used are for more complicated serial connects. Watch my video I explain that the directions say to put the RX and TX to the TX and RX ports on the arduino and the code is set up for 2 and 3. At this point I could not get it working at first because my Mac does not like connecting to it. But once I figure out that a fews trys ...
Visual Studio send Windows IOT app to Raspberry PI
By: Steve Kerscher | Added: 3 April 2016 | Updated: 4 April 2016
| Rating: 0 | Pageviews: 1995
In this session I show a quick overview of how to send a program from visual studio to your Raspberry PI. The first way is for debug and is very nice to be able to find errors in your application. But as you get better or just make little changes I like to just deploy the app and start it.

You need to have Visual Studio 2015 community here, Running Windows 10 and download the Blinky sample here.

Sainsmart 37 Sensor kit opening
By: Steve Kerscher | Added: 2 April 2016 | Updated: 2 April 2016
| Rating: 0 | Pageviews: 923
I opened the 37 sensor kit from Sainsmart. This is definitely a nice kit over all. No difference than the Robotlinking kit that I opened earlier when it comes to the sensors. I felt that the main difference is the final fit and finish of the package. Robotlinking comes with a diagram that really helps us beginners know what sensor is what. Of course Robotlinking also came with the cd that has all the files on it. I like it but also realize that most computers don't have drive in them anymore. ...
Robotlinking UNO Ultimate starter kit opening
By: Steve Kerscher | Added: 2 April 2016 | Updated: 2 April 2016
| Rating: 0 | Pageviews: 1625
I have opened another quality product from Robotlinking. The Uno ultimate starter kit comes with a lot of nice items. If you don’t have a Arduino, this kit comes with one. It also comes with many fun things like a LCD screen, key pad, breadboard, power adapters and a lot more. They also gave me a free gift of some resistors. I would definitely recommend this kit.
It looks like they have renamed the kit, but the contents are the same.

Raspberry PI Eleduino Camera with night vision box opening
By: Steve Kerscher | Added: 2 April 2016 | Updated: 2 April 2016
| Rating: 0 | Pageviews: 890
I opened my Eleduino Raspberry PI Camera kit with night vision modules. The camera looks pretty nice over all. I have not hooked this up yet and not sure how the night vision works out of the box with Raspberry PI, but I will give it a try down the road. I do like that when the night visions are mounted they automatically connect power with the bolts. I am a little worried on how to mount this. It does not have mounting holes. It came with a double sided foam pad, but that is not thick enough ...
Raspberry PI 2 with Windows IOT talking to Arduino Network
By: Steve Kerscher | Added: 20 March 2016 | Updated: 4 April 2016
| Rating: 0 | Pageviews: 998
This session is the start of a full IOT device. It could be used for Home automation or just sensor data that gets transfered to a database. Future versions of this will be sending the data to a Azure IOT Hub and then I want to report data from IOT Hub. I am looking at attaching a SQL database to this and storing the data that way.I see huge potential in being able to save the data for reporting.
Arduino with networking shield sending data to website
By: Steve Kerscher | Added: 9 March 2016 | Updated: 9 March 2016
| Rating: 0 | Pageviews: 725
In this session I take a network shield and hook it to my Arduinio mega. I then take a temp sensor and a tilt switch and produce a webpage when a browser is pointed at the IP address of the Arduino.
Parts Needed
Make sure you set a correct IP address to match the ...
IR receiver to LCD screen
By: Steve Kerscher | Added: 8 March 2016 | Updated: 20 March 2016
| Rating: 0 | Pageviews: 693
I have taken a IR receiver and pushed the results to a LCD screen. I also show unknown buttons from a different remote on the serial monitor. This will come in handy as I get deeper into larger projects and want a remote to control them.
Parts Needed
The case statement ...
Raspberry PI 2 controlling IRobot Create 2
By: Steve Kerscher | Added: 2 March 2016 | Updated: 2 March 2016
| Rating: 5 | Pageviews: 3143
This is my first step toward building something with my Irobot Create2. I bought this to maybe build a virtual presence device. So for now I am just playing around. I took my Raspberry PI 2 and drove around the create with the wifi keyboard.
Parts Needed
Arduino 8X8 LED Matrix
By: Steve Kerscher | Added: 1 March 2016 | Updated: 2 March 2016
| Rating: 0 | Pageviews: 804
In this session I take 2 8X8 LED matrix boards and join them to the Arduino.
Parts Needed

Here is the code that I have to make the displays blink ...

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