Smart RV Plus Entertainment Part 1

Here is the start of my Smart RV and Entertainment Project. You will see in this video how I plan to replace the tube TV with a new flat screen and use a Netgear WIFI range extender

Netgear WIFI range extender

I selected this router because I can use this as a DLNA server and have a full range of movies on any TV. I also hooked up this Syba USB dual external hard drive

Syba USB dual

I chose this because it could have 2 hard drives. I went with solid state drives because when you bounce down the road there will be no issues with spinning parts.I also upgraded laptops to larger solid state drives now that the pricing has come down. I then had 2 drives sitting around and figured I would use them. I also bought this enclosure for single drives.

Single Enclosure

Check out the video in my RV

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