Smart RV Plus Entertainment Part 3 (Control Panel)

I this video I show you my control panel. I am using a Raspberry PI running apache server. The reason I chose this route is I can access the local webserver from my network wth any device. I can have as many devices hooked to it. I am not worried about someone else messing wiht me because they will have to be on my network.

I am not happy with Chromium browser because I want to run it in KIosk mode and I want to be able to kill the power on the fly with out closing the browser. As you will see in the video that I have aboot up problem as it wants to restore the last page and pops a question up. This is ok for me because it is my personal unit and I can just load it once for the trip and we are good. But I will be testing Kweb a kiosk browser that was built to solve this issue.

Check out the next post where I test it from another device.

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